Our boxing premium T-shirts are where fight meets fashion

Those of you who have landed on this article after performing a Google search for “boxing premium T-shirts” probably won’t need to be introduced to the staggering cultural phenomenon that is contemporary boxing. With fans across every demographic and social background, boxing arguably captures the imagination like few other sports – and that includes both […]

How the Ray-Ban Wayfarer became the irrepressible ‘comeback kid’

If there’s one sartorial item that has represented the most emphatic shorthand for ‘style’ since its introduction in the 1950s, it is surely the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. In contrast to the utilitarian origins of its similarly iconic big brother, the Aviator, the Wayfarer was conceived to be a catwalk-worthy classic from day one – and one […]

Havaianas: not only holiday essentials, but also genuinely collectable

It’s not too often in life that the opportunity arises to snap up genuinely highly desirable, stylish and practical limited-run items for truly affordable prices. Well, here at IC Clothing, we’re here to present you with one of those uncommon occasions, in the form of our latest authentic Havaianas sale. That word “authentic” is an […]

Pick up both old and new Ray-Ban classics for less this summer!

What comes to your mind when someone mentions the legendary eyewear brand, Ray-Ban to you? If you’re like almost anyone, the chances are that you will immediately picture all manner of instantly recognisable styles and their associated historical associations. What you might not think of at those moments you are reminded of Ray-Ban classics like […]

For truly contemporary fashion sunglasses, look no further than the Ray-Ban Justin

You might have imagined that given how Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have won generation after generation of admirers since their introduction in the 1950s, there would hardly be much need for the legendary brand to mess with such a winning formula. But of course, another way of seeing it is that the American-founded Italian brand would […]

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are the airborne legend that keeps on soaring today

Do you remember the first time you ever saw someone wearing aviator-style sunglasses, and were immediately struck by their powerful and purposeful chic? Perhaps it was when you watched George Michael’s “Faith” video, in which the then-24-year-old idol played a guitar near a classic Wurlitzer juke box, in a pair of Levi’s blue jeans with […]

A pair of Havaianas is the perfect way to transform Blighty into Brazil!

Flip-flops are just flip-flops, right? After all, they’re so simple-looking – so it surely can’t be very difficult to design and produce some good-quality ones. Well, you might have thought that, but if there’s one brand that has continued to stand head and shoulders above the rest in the style, practicality and durability stakes when […]

Ray-Ban sunglasses: effortless cool, then and now

When someone says the simple words ‘Ray-Ban’ to you, what immediately comes to your mind? If you’re anything like ourselves here at IC Clothing, the chances are that you think of retro styling, design sophistication and the ultimate in (quite literal) movie-star chic. Indeed, Ray-Ban is as irrevocably synonymous with the utmost-quality premium eyeglasses and […]

Why should you only ever buy original Havaianas slippers?

Sandals have, let’s face it, a reputation as simple holiday essentials. They’re an emblem, in other words, of the kind of unassuming and unpretentious fun we all want to have every summer. So, you might understandably imagine that when you’re in the market for flip-flops like those produced by such an iconic brand as Havaianas, […]